Fabio Campos

I am a PhD student at Max Planck Institute for Security and Privacy under the supervision of Steffen Reith and Peter Schwabe.
My current research focus is on post-quantum cryptography.
My master thesis about distributed computing in the fields of number theory was supervised by Steffen Reith and Jörn Steuding.


  • Trouble at the CSIDH: Protecting CSIDH with Dummy-Operations against Fault Injection Attacks
    F. Campos, M. Kannwischer, M. Meyer, H. Onuki, M. Stöttinger.
    FDTC 2020
  • Assembly or Optimized C for Lightweight Cryptography on RISC-V?
    F. Campos, L. Jellema, M. Lemmen, L. Müller, D. Sprenkels, B. Viguier.
    CANS 2020
  • LMS vs XMSS: Comparison of Stateful Hash-Based Signature Schemes on ARM Cortex-M4
    F. Campos, T. Kohlstadt, S. Reith, M. Stöttinger.
  • Post-Quantum Cryptography for ECU Security Use Cases
    F. Campos, M. Meyer, S. Sanwald, M. Stöttinger, Y. Wang.
    17th escar Europe – The World’s Leading Automotive Cyber Security Conference
  • On Lions and Elligators: An efficient constant-time implementation of CSIDH
    Michael Meyer, Fabio Campos, and Steffen Reith.
    PQCrypto 2019
  • On hybrid SIDH schemes using Edwards and Montgomery curve arithmetic
    Meyer, M.; Reith, S.; Campos, F.
    ePrint archive 2017

  • Automatic Midsurface Generation as a Basis for Technical Simulation
    Backes, A.; Glockner, C.; Schwanecke, U.; Wenzel, M.; Heil, U.; Campos, F.:
    ATZ, 2-2014, Springer, PDF
  • Time Tube – Assist Scientists to Enhance Laboratory Scheduling
    Luderschmidt, Johannes; Campos, Fabio; Gutmann, Jörg; Schäfer, Reinhold; Dörner, Ralf
    G.I.T Laboratory Journal, 7-8/2008, S.12-13, GIT Verlag, Darmstadt, 2008
  • TimeTube: Introducing Haptics in a 3D Visualization Technique for Grasping Time-Related Data in a Human Computer Problem Solver
    Jörg Gutmann, Fabio Campos, Johannes Luderschmidt, Ralf Dörner, Reinhold Schäfer
    The Journal of Three Dimensional Images Vol. 22, No.2., 2008. Pages: 49-54 PDF
  • TimeTube: A Haptic 3D Visualization Technique for Assisting Laboratory Staff in Scheduling Tasks
    Luderschmidt, Johannes; Campos, Fabio; Gutmann, Jörg; Dörner, Ralf; Schäfer, Reinhold
    Proceedings of LabAutomation 2008, p. 139, Palm Springs, USA, 2008
  • TimeTube: Introducing Haptics in a 3D Visualization Technique for Grasping Time-Related Data in a Human Computer Problem Solver
    Gutmann, Jörg; Campos, Fabio; Luderschmidt, Johannes; Dörner, Ralf; Schäfer, Reinhold
    10th International Conference on Human and Computers, Düsseldorf / Tokio, 2007 PDF

Selected Talks

  • hash-based cryptography
    Workshop zur Kryptographie im Oberseminar Zahlentheorie; Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science – Universität Würzburg
  • Parallel and distributed computing in the fi elds of number theory
    64. Theorietag – Workshop über Algorithmen und Komplexität, TU Darmstadt , 05. Oktober 2012
  • Verteiltes Rechnen für zahlentheoretische Anwendungen
    Arithmetik An der A7-Workshop, Wiesbaden, 21. Januar 2011